Our Story

Coastside Original is a community of Coastsiders intent on capturing what makes the Coastside great by celebrating its rich history and unique events through a lifestyle clothing line. A local clothing brand for all ages with fresh new designs, epitomized by the main logo with its crashing wave and bright sun. Coastside Original celebrates what continues to make the Coastside a great place to live and visit. A tight-knit community — attracting all sorts of people fleeing the mad rush of the city yet not content to settle into the cookie-cutter sameness of suburbia.

From its wild beginnings when saner folk fled the Gold Rush madness in days of yore ‘til its recent emergence as a destination location, the Coastside has been a gem of a place naturally hidden behind the Coastal Range and often buried behind the fog... its day in the sun has arrived!

Our mission is to provide a clothing line rooted in the values instilled by the land and sea itself — as deep calls unto deep-our spirits are drawn to respect and maintain a connection with the rugged land and wild sea. Coastside Original not only aims to be a financially viable company but also a committed partner with local groups positively impacting our Coastside community and its pristine natural surroundings. Coastsiders sense a deep belonging to the land, the sea or the community — we know we belong here — a ragtag, eclectic bunch of misfits drawn together without plan or plot — we staked our claim-for better or for worse-this is our lot. Wild and free as the seabirds yet with roots like the cypress trees — we've driven our stake down deep! Coastside Original is loyal to the soil, sea and community — making our mark in the world as the Coastside emerges!